The Tools You Need for Ratings and Reviews

Ratings and reviews are now more influential than they ever have been. More and more people are relying on customer reviews or peer reviews to inform their purchasing decisions.

Word-of-mouth is no longer the most effective advertising tool it once was. With so many brands and businesses existing solely online, your website is effectively your shop window.

In effect EWOM (electronic word of mouth) multiplies the impact of traditional word of mouth.

Displaying customer reviews and ratings on your website and other major platforms lets customer know that you are a trustworthy brand who ensure on 5-star customer service.

A report by ZenDesk found that 88% of customers have been influenced by an online customer review when making a buying decision.

How Can JudgeService Help You With Your Reviews and Ratings?

JudgeService have the tools and solutions available to help your business get more customer reviews and improve your seller ratings.

JudgeService are a review company, but we are also insight specialists. The data we gather from your verified customers gets turned into useful reports that you and your team can access to find out exactly which areas of your business require improvement and which areas you are strongly performing in.

traffic light reporting

Our innovative reporting suite is constantly updated with fresh data for you to respond to.

Our analysts also look for more strategic trends and use them to inform our clients and drive our new product development plans and roadmap.

Manage your online reputation with our business reputation management tool and keep your reviews from across the web in one place for you to manage effectively.

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