Our Values and Frequently Asked Questions

Making the world a better place, one customer at a time.

Our Values

Great teams accomplish great things

We believe that a team who communicates, works hard, and supports each other is a team that can accomplish anything they set their minds to.

We strive to recruit individuals who we believe can align themselves with our values and get the best out of the wider team.

Our leadership team is there to support, guide and teach our team to be the best they can be whilst also giving individuals the opportunity to learn and grow at their own pace.

Customers are at the heart of what we do

As a company that revolves around helping other businesses improve their customer service, we take customer satisfaction very seriously.

We try to go above and beyond for our clients in order to deliver 5-star service every time. Our account management and support teams are the front-line point of contact for our customers; however, the whole team helps to create a customer driven business.

All our departments play their part in ensuring our clients receive the best experience possible from JudgeService.

We are forward thinking in an ever-changing world

Change is good.

Adapting to the current climate, thinking on our feet and being willing to change are some of the ways we have created a successful business over the last 10 years.

JudgeService began as just two people sending out postal surveys from Harrogate. Now, as we have grown and changed with the times, JudgeService send out thousands of digital surveys every week and have a team of over 50 people, working to keep the business moving forward every day.

We listen and feedback impartially

Not only do we help our clients gather impartial and honest customer feedback, but we also take feedback we receive from our colleagues and clients on-board to help us improve.

Listening to the thoughts and feelings of our colleagues and clients enables us to make the changes and meet the requirements expected of us.

Whether that is giving members of our team the ability to work from home, creating bespoke products and services for our clients, or simply just sitting down for a chat to hear what someone has to say.

Frequently Asked Questions for Customers

Who are JudgeService?

We are an independent review provider who work with businesses to gather genuine feedback from their customers. We send customers a satisfaction survey to collect insights about their experience at that business.

We then publish these reviews online so that customers can make informed purchase decisions before they buy.

Why am I receiving emails from JudgeService?

If you have received communications from JudgeService, it is likely because you have had some sort of communication with the business mentioned in the survey.

This might be a recent purchase, a past enquiry, a service, or another type of communication with said business.

Where have you got my details from?

JudgeService are data processors, we process data given to us by the business you have been in contact with.

All of JudgeService’s processes are 100% GDPR compliant and you can read our data policy here for more information.

If you have an issue with your data being handled by JudgeService, please contact us at support@judgeservice.com.

I have an issue with my car/another product I have purchased.

If you have an issue with the vehicle you have purchased or another product/service, we encourage you to look out for the customer satisfaction survey which will be emailed to the address you gave to the business.

In the survey we would appreciate your honest feedback on your experience with the business and any other issues you may have so that the dealership/business can get in touch with you to fix these problems.

If the issue is urgent, we encourage you to get in contact with the business directly so that they can resolve the problem as soon as possible.

I don’t want to fill out the survey yet.

While you are more than welcome to hold off on providing feedback via our online survey system, please be aware that the survey link will only last for 45 days as of the date it was originally sent, and you may receive a reminder within the next few days (though this will be the only reminder you will receive).

My survey link doesn’t work.

We’re sorry to hear that you’re having trouble.

We have found certain private networks such as those in public places or work environments can block our surveys. We advise trying an alternate network, such as your home network.

Our surveys are designed to work on most smartphones, tablets and on PC, provided they are kept up to date. Try using a different device or browser.

If this is not an option or you are still having difficulties, please email support@judgeservice.com.

I want to change my survey answers.

Unfortunately, we do not amend survey answers as it brings our integrity into question.

If you email support@judgeservice.com with any queries about your survey, we can pass your feedback onto the dealership.

Alternatively, feel free to contact the dealership yourself to let them know of your comments.

Frequently Asked Questions for Clients

How do I reset my JudgeService login password?

Please follow this link:


If this link doesn’t work, please email support@judgeservice.com and a member of the support team will reset your password for you.

What if I get a negative review?

We publish all reviews whether good or bad, but any feedback is always a good thing.

You have the ability to learn from it, and you can reply to reviews from our portal to make sure your customers get a response. Anyone looking at the negative review will be able to see you care about customer service and you action this in your business (people know things don’t always go to plan).

I can’t find what I’m looking for in the JudgeService portal, do you have any training available?

Yes! Ashley is available for group or one-on-one training sessions to show you and your colleagues all the reports available in the JudgeService Portal.

Email ashley@judgeservice.com for more information. Alternatively, if you just need a question answering, don’t hesitate to contact your dedicated account manager.

Please remove a customer survey as customer’s comments are untrue.

While we appreciate you disagree with the customers comments, we have to remain impartial and unbiased. We do not remove customer reviews as it brings our integrity into question, and we pride ourselves in providing candid feedback.

In recent days, a number of consumers have been vocal on social media voicing concerns that review platforms only publish positive reviews, but JudgeService has always been clear that we are transparent and will publish all reviews and testimonials as long as they do not contravene our house rules.

We do also receive communication from consumers who have provided testimonials and permission to publish asking where their testimonial is and if it hasn’t been published.

They do want to know why. If we were unable to provide a legitimate reason why we have not published, it would compromise our ethos and standing with all of our clients and consumers who use our website and/or services.

If you would like more information, please contact support@judgeservice.com.

A customer left a positive review but would not recommend, why?

We do get quite a few people not recommending; even when they have had a positive experience like this customer. As frustrating as it is, some people just never recommend, and we don’t see this as a mistake or a valid reason for deletion.

We would not alter the customer’s answer, and only in extreme circumstances will we remove surveys from the system.

Please see our house rules for more information.

I need a survey resending to a customer.

We do not resend surveys to customers once they’ve completed as it brings our integrity into question and opens up the possibility of unfairly affecting the JudgeService scores.

If you have any other questions regarding what we do here at JudgeService don’t hesitate to get in contact with our support team, support@judgeservice.com or your account manager.

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