Turn Your Lost Sales Into Hot Prospects

Discover how people feel about your brand. Find out why a customer didn’t purchase from you, and why they decided to go elsewhere.

JudgeService’s lost sales management tool helps car retailers across the UK to turn lost leads into hot prospects.

Re-convert customers and make them a raving fan of your brand.

The insight gathered from our lost sales tool, that we call ProAct, will help your business to see where people are slipping out of the sales funnel.

Our in-house team of researchers will talk to those leads that never purchased and get to the root of the problem so you can fix what went wrong.

Optimise your sales funnel by using ProAct.

We’ll talk to the customers and then you can benefit from their answers.

Let JudgeService Help!

Did you know that 35% of lost sales are still in the market to buy a car?

65% of our answered calls result in a completed survey, each answer provides you with a hot lead or a reason why they didn’t buy.

Contact JudgeService today to get started and we can show you how ProAct can help your brand turn lost sales in sold cars!

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