The Death of the Controlled Salesperson

14 August 2023 by Neil Addley

Tech and raised expectations have changed the car sales landscape drastically in recent years. Sales tactics have had to adapt to keep pace with changing customer expectations. Among these convention...

AI for Dealerships

14 August 2023 by Neil Addley

I was recently asked how AI can help improve customer service and reduce costs in car dealerships. In the first of two articles, I will explore how AI can generally be applied. In the second, I will ...

Meet the Manager

14 August 2023 by Neil Addley

Buying a car is a significant decision for most people, involving not just financial considerations but emotional factors as well. For most people, it’s the second biggest purchase of their lives (a h...

The Big Squeeze

14 August 2023 by Neil Addley

The 4th annual JudgeService State of the Nation report is available now and once again provides data-based insight into the thoughts and motivations of the UK’s car-buying public.

Jolt Towards Poverty

17 July 2023 by Neil Addley

Out of touch politicians hit the less well off again… and again. In the quest for net zero, the UK government's ambitious plan to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030 was a Johnsonian he...

Check Out Our Reviews before Buying a Car

13 July 2023 by Neil Addley

For some people navigating car buying journey can be a daunting experience. There are many factors to consider – from the suitability of the car (or van!) for your needs to reliability of the vehicle...

Fill Your Boots!

06 July 2023 by Neil Addley

We’re always looking for ways to help our clients sell more cars and, at this time of year, there is one trick we mustn’t forget…

Revolution And Evolution

16 May 2023 by Neil Addley

Back for a twelfth year, many of the leading UK automotive retail industry leaders joined us at Central Hall, Westminster for the ground-breaking Hosted by myself, Neil Addley, ...

38% of Your Lost Customers Are Still in the Market to Buy

18 April 2023 by Neil Addley

When it comes to third party follow-ups, quite often businesses we talk to say… “we do that ourselves”. But do they? Really?? Third party follow-up is essential in sales to make sure every lead is p...

Our Judge Heroes

06 December 2022 by Neil Addley

Our Judge Heroes are designed to be a bit of fun celebrating the core products we offer to our clients in the automotive sector (car dealers and OEMs), hospitality (hotels, restaurants, spas and golf ...

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