Motability Customer Service Reviews

Did you know that 10% of new car registrations in the UK are completed via the Motability Scheme?

JudgeService provides dealerships throughtout the UK with the tools they need to provide the best service possible to Motability customers.

Our Motability surveys allow customers to provide the dealership with their honest feedback of their experience.

This allows the dealerships to analyse how they can improve their services so they can provide outstanding experiences to all customers and therefore boost their satisfaction ratings.

The Challenges

One of the challenges this scheme faces is their relationships with car dealerships. The car is bought from a dealership who has opted to accept purchases through this scheme.

The profit from a deal is split between different departments and this makes it not as “obviously profitable” as traditional retailing.

With Motability customers, the contract states that the customer uses that franchise dealers to get their car serviced. This could lead to customers being taken for granted.

This doesn't happen in the best dealerships, but these surveys help dealerships spot when things are not up to standard and helps reinforce positive recognition for those who do well.

Our Solution

Our Motability survey has been created to tackle these problems and is split into three parts:

  • The application process survey
  • The delivery survey
  • The post-purchase customer satisfaction survey

Each of these Motability customer service surveys is designed to find out exactly how each part of the Motability scheme was dealt with by the dealership.

It refers to specific details of the Motability scheme which dealerships need to be hyperaware of in order to complete the best service possible for their disabled customers and their carers:

  • The Motability Contract Hire Agreement
  • The Suitability Questionnaire
  • The Statement of Responsibilities

Our Motability customer service insight surveys are available for all our clients in the UK.

motability reviews

More Information About Motability

The Motability scheme provides people who qualify for a higher level of disability allowance, the opportunity to swap their allowance for a vehicle.

Many people are able to get a car without upfront payments, using the Motability scheme.

If they would like an upgrade on their car then they can contribute additional funds of their own for a better model.

Its a really worthy scheme that enables people with disabilities, or their carers, the chance to have their own means of transport when they might not have that option any other way.

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