Customer Experience in the Digital, Hybrid and Physical Worlds

A customer’s experience is arguably more important than the product or service you are selling itself. We believe in creating fans, not just sales.

Did you know that 64% of customers say experiences are important than prices – data from iperceptions.

At JudgeService, with our customer experience marketing and insight tools, we strive to make sure that customers are having the best experience possible at your business.

A customer’s experience will determine whether they become a promoter or a detractor of your brand.

A promoter is 83% more likely to share their experience with their friends and family. So, ensuring each and every one of your customers has the best experience possible is a perfect way to increase your brand awareness.

How Can JudgeService Help You?

With a range of solutions to suit your business needs, JudgeService can help you to improve your customer experience every time from initial awareness and consideration to purchase and retention.

Our customer experience marketing tools and our reputation management platform, in cohesion with our comprehensive reporting suite are already helping hundreds of businesses across the UK to improve their customer satisfaction scores.

This works whether the customer transacts purely on digital channels, over the phone or visiting your physical premises.

customer insight and review tools

To see which of our products will work for your business please visit our plans. If you think you require something a little more unique, please contact us and we can create a bespoke package for your company.

The insights are driven by the feedback by your customers, so you can act on that feedback and provide them the best experience possible!

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