Lost Sales Tools

Every business has a percentage of lost leads.

Our lost sales tool will help your business to turn your lost leads into hot prospects.

You can use the insight gathered from our lost leads surveys to tailor your sales pitch and turn them into another one of your happy and satisfied customers.

Our Solution

  • Contacting your lost leads on your behalf so you have more time to make sales
  • A user-friendly reporting suite designed to gather you the best insight
  • 65% of answered calls from our research centre result in a completed survey for you!
  • Real quality checked calls, no machine or voice recordings, no cold calling, only verified calls

You focus on making money, we’ll do the admin work for you. We’ll find out why the customer did not convert, if they are still in the market to purchase and what you can do to get them back on board.

contact lost leads

With online enquiries rapidly increasing with enhanced digitalisation, it is likely that the number of lost leads you have are also increasing too!

This is because people have shorter attention spans online and are easily distracted by an email notification, a pop-up advert, or an alert that their favourite store has a 50% off sale!

ProAct, our lost leads solution, is your best tool for squeezing the most revenue out of your lost leads.

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Watch this short video to find out more about ProAct, our lost leads solution!

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