Do you want more in depth data to track the performance of your Front of House employees? Want to find out who is the best at customer service? Need to know which areas require more training or attention?

Well, we’ve got you covered.

Reviews that feature the customer service of your team are incredibly important to potential guests. Customers want to know if they are going to be left in capable hands.

Key Features

  • Expert questions tailored to hotels and hospitality businesses
  • Staff mentions
  • Top colleagues reports
  • Promoter scores

With our insight tools, you can see exactly who/where and why your Front of House team are the topic of conversation.

monitor your sales team

How Can Your Hotel or Restaurant Use JudgeService?

Our range of reports allows you to see which area of your hospitality business is performing the best.

Let your team know that their performance will be observed, praise and reward good customer service.

Let your customers do the talking – let them know you appreciate their feedback and colleagues with stand out service will be rewarded for their efforts.

Our guest feedback surveys are conducted find out exactly what your guests loved about their visit and what could be improved.

Our instant feedback tool allows you to record customer feedback on the spot, delegate tasks, and record problems and queries without having to touch a spreadsheet.

Our reputation management tools allow you to monitor your online reputation quickly and easily, and any reviews that aren’t up to standard can be dealt with timely and efficiently.

Our comprehensive reporting suite will show you in real-time which members of your team are exceeding expectations and who is lagging behind.

Set your own targets, compare your venues, analyse your tailored reports and get on top of your Front of House team today!

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