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Is customer loyalty the true test of excellent service?

17 November 2021 by House Writer

Customer loyalty can be expressed in many forms, and expressions of loyalty may be different depending on the industry your brand is in. So, why do brands go to such lengths (and expense) to encourage...

The Value of JudgeService

08 November 2021 by House Writer

JudgeService isn’t like your average review provider. That’s because we do so much more than just generate online reviews. Reviews are just a small part of the package that we offer.

Electric vehicle surveys and EV charging points

01 November 2021 by House Writer

As electric vehicles are beginning to appear much more frequently on people’s driveways, it’s time for JudgeService, the UK’s leading customer review platform for the automotive industry, to introduce...

Why space tourism is problematic

25 October 2021 by Neil Addley

Is the space race undermining our climate change initiatives? I have to admit that the inner child in me was delighted to see William Shatner, age 90, finally make it into space! However, space touris...

Are autonomous cars really possible?

19 October 2021 by Neil Addley

The most famously successful autonomous car was Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, the second was arguably K.I.T.T. - driven by David Hasselhoff in Knight Rider. So perhaps, cars having the ability to be truly ...

West Way expands partnership with JudgeService

15 October 2021 by Curtis Hutchinson

West Way has expanded its partnership with JudgeService to help further grow customer engagement and satisfaction levels across its retail network.

There is no "customer service" without customers

08 October 2021 by Neil Addley

“There is only one boss, the customer, and they can fire everyone in the company from the chairman down. Simply by spending their money elsewhere”. - Sam Walton

Prestige carmaker websites lead the way for dealer referrals

05 October 2021 by Curtis Hutchinson

Buyers of prestige brand cars are the most likely to find the dealer they purchase from by visiting the carmaker’s website first, according to new consumer research from JudgeService.

Top tips for a heliotropic workplace

04 October 2021 by Neil Addley

Top tips for creating an environment where your team feels like they can be the best versions of themselves. Create a heliotropic workplace with these 5 seeds to success.

Is McDonald's suffering from an identity crisis?

15 September 2021 by Neil Addley

How important is the quality of what you deliver to your brand identity? A recent experience of mine got me thinking about how easy it is for brands to lose their charm, identity, and overall quality ...

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