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As well as a review and insight company, JudgeService is also a market research company. We use our data to spot trends and patterns in customer behaviour to be able to tell you exactly how to improve your customer satisfaction scores.

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Charge up your experience with an EV

30 March 2022 by House Writer

Do you fancy a greener, cleaner driving experience? Navigating the current climate when purchasing a new car can be nerve-wracking. JudgeService is here to help you look toward the future and make the...

Drive more customers into your business

18 March 2022 by House Writer

Reviews, reviews, reviews! Why are reviews so important, and why should they be at the forefront of your digital marketing plan?

How to deliver a great customer experience in 2022

04 March 2022 by House Writer

Are your customers getting the candid speedy feedback they desire? Has your business adapted to the new digital age? If not, why not carry on reading to find out ways you can deliver the best customer...

Car buyers appreciate add-ons

25 February 2022 by Curtis Hutchinson

Contrary to popular belief, car buyers appreciate add-ons and are likely to recommend dealers offering them. Car buyers are not turned off by being offered add-ons, such as service plans, finance, GAP...

Mixing it up in meetings - How to keep it fresh in 2022

04 February 2022 by Neil Addley

What’s the best way to keep meetings a place of vibrant and thought-provoking conversation, rather than long lectures that leave people feeling sluggish… Keep reading to find out!

Easy methods to build effective insight statements

25 January 2022 by House Writer

Consumer insights are the foundation of what makes businesses able to prove to their customers that what they do provides real results. But how do you turn your data into practical and meaningful mark...

Fast stock turn continues to be driven by customer satisfaction

24 January 2022 by Curtis Hutchinson

New research shows that fast stock turn continues to be driven by customer satisfaction. JudgeService has identified a continued correlation between customer satisfaction and dealer stock turn, despit...

The challenges that shared mobility faces

17 December 2021 by Neil Addley

The transport minister, Trudy Harrison, said that it was staggering that nearly two-thirds of journeys are taken by lone drivers. Shared mobility is the idea that rather than owning individual vehicle...

JudgeService finds one in three car buyers prefer visiting local dealerships to finding their next vehicle online

08 December 2021 by Curtis Hutchinson

The research surveyed 169,313 in-market buyers over a three-year period, starting in January 2019, with respondents asked what prompted them to make a visit to a dealership where they had made an enqu...

Avoid the danger of tunnel vision

06 December 2021 by Neil Addley

There is a danger for us all, including business leaders and owners, of being like the Eye of Sauron, focusing on one point only. If you’ve never read or watched the events that unfold in Middle Eart...

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