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The Stockdale Paradox – A timely lesson for our Industry

28 June 2022 by House Writer

The Stockdale Paradox was a term first coined by author Jim Collins in his book Good to Great. Let us shed some light on how the term could provide a timely lesson for our industry

The benefits of a customer satisfaction solution

27 June 2022 by House Writer

Customers have visited your dealership, and they’ve likely got an opinion about their experience. Finding out what they have to say is the key to improving your business and without this feedback, you...

Do pushy salespeople make more sales?

23 June 2022 by House Writer

The outdated stereotype of a car salesman, that pushes the “hard sell” to urge customers to buy, no matter the level of persuasion needed is a tale of the past. Times have changed for the automotive i...

Change comes from within

21 June 2022 by House Writer

Martin Luther King once said that “If a man is called a streetsweeper, he should sweep streets even as Michelangelo painted, or Beethoven composed music, or Shakespeare wrote poetry. He should sweep s...

Is customer loyalty the true test of a dealership's service?

16 June 2022 by House Writer

Is customer loyalty the true test of your dealership's service? The secret to a dealership’s success is to create raving fans. The benefits of retaining loyal customers extends beyond the automotive s...

Used car advertising

14 June 2022 by House Writer

Discover the best way to advertise your dealership based on extensive research on consumer purchasing habits over the decade.

A Life of Service

09 June 2022 by House Writer

Following the big Jubilee celebrations, we thought we should pause for reflection and look back on Her Majesty The Queen's reign.

The power of reviews in today's climate

02 June 2022 by House Writer

Everyone’s talking online and everyone’s got an opinion. Like it or not, your potential customers are turning to online review sites to make a decision about your business.

Marketing Personalisation

31 May 2022 by House Writer

In an increasingly digital world, the majority of marketing is now conducted online. It is how you reach out to your clients that differentiates your business from your competitors.

The journey to success is a race

25 May 2022 by House Writer

The journey to success is a race and your competitors will get there first if you don’t ReAct now! In an increasingly digital-first world where dealers can’t compete with finance or price, reviews can...

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