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Mid-summer blues

16 August 2022 by House Writer

Let’s face it, order take isn’t as strong as it was. Yet, it is easy to mistake the seasonal change in the drop of consumer traffic for a more structural change in demand.

Consolidation of Brands

02 August 2022 by House Writer

The automotive industry has experienced mergers, acquisitions, and divestments throughout its history. Remember the Premier Automotive Group and Daimler Chrysler? However, recently, there has been ...

Don't let your sales bucket become leaky

28 July 2022 by House Writer

The number one priority for any business attempting to attract and retain customers is to establish a well-oiled sales pipeline with sufficient leads to allow the sales team to generate interest and l...

Pay as you go?

26 July 2022 by House Writer

Do you have a gym membership? Do you pay for a TV subscription or mobile phone? Subscriptions are part of the new normal and allow individuals to pay for additional luxuries without having to commit l...

The Evolution of the Online Marketplace - A New Player

21 July 2022 by House Writer

Dealers digital marketing strategies reflect the online journey taken by car buyers. These are dominated by well-established intermediary marketplaces, but the industry is continuing to evolve. Google...

Nurture not neglect

19 July 2022 by House Writer

Nurturing your customer relationships will lead to loyalty and referrals. Have you ever been told about a friend’s amazing experience with a particular brand and decided to find out for yourself what ...

Why Nuture?

14 July 2022 by House Writer

“If people like you, they’ll listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you.” Have you noticed a shift in the way brands market to their prospects? The narrow-minded focus on produ...

Fill Your Workshop - winning back the older vehicle

12 July 2022 by House Writer

There are two powerful forces currently affecting the car market. The pandemic, and the war in Ukraine, have led to new car sales dropping significantly, because supply chain issues have reduced the s...

Moments of Truth

07 July 2022 by House Writer

Let’s discuss the process of selling a car. The multiple moments a customer comes into contact with your brand are called a customer touchpoints. Each of instances should be treated as a moment of tru...

The science of smiling

05 July 2022 by House Writer

A smile. It’s the most readily available and important tool for greeting a customer. But what’s the science behind smiling and why is it so effective?

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