04 January 2024 by Curtis Hutchinson

Buyers will switch to new entrant car brands if the price is right, finds JudgeService survey

Consumers will consider switching to one of the plethora of new car brands coming to the UK if prices are significantly lower than those of established marques.

JudgeService’s Car Buyer Barometer, which polled the views of 1,000 consumers, found three-quarters would be tempted by cheaper prices.

Nearly half (48%) of mainstream brand owners said they would consider buying from a new entrant if prices were up to £3,000 cheaper, while a further 27% said they would switch if they were more than £3,000 lower.

Owners of prestige cars were also willing to change with over a third (34%) saying they would switch if prices were at least £3,000 cheaper, while 41% would consider savings of over £3,000.

With many new brands offering generous standard equipment levels, a quarter of all respondents said they would switch if the specification was right for them, regardless of the cars being cheaper.

Willingness to consider a new entrant brand was strongest among new car buyers aged 25-34 (29%) and used car buyers aged 18-24 (17%).

The research identified 15 new marques from China, South Korea and the US, mostly specialists in electric vehicles. The highest rated for awareness was Genesis (25%) followed by BYD (13%).

However, awareness of all other brands was low, even for those currently on sale in the UK including GWM Ora (6%) and Fisker (9%).

“From 2024 we will see an unprecedented rollout of new car brands and our research shows how aggressive pricing might be enough to tempt UK buyers away from established brands,” said Neil Addley, managing director of JudgeService.

“For dealers contemplating representation opportunities, it’s important they consider how a new brand will fit into their portfolio and where best to invest their capital expenditure.

“Dealers also need to keep an open mind on just how popular they could become. While many of these brands are currently unknown to the car buying public, the same was true of Kia and Hyundai back in the 1990s and look what happened to them,” said Addley.

Top 10 New Entrant Car Brands by Buyer Awareness

1 Genesis


3 Aiways

4 Lucid Motors

5 Fisker

6 Geely


8 Rivian

9 Leap Motors

10 Xpeng

Source: JudgeService, Car Buyer Barometer

Further details and comments available from Neil Addley on 07795 665927 or neil@judgeservice.com.

About the JudgeService Car Buyer Barometer

Research was carried out 26-30 November 2023 with a sample of 1,000 new and used car buyers from across the UK, aged over 18. The full findings will be published in a forthcoming JudgeService industry paper.

About JudgeService

Launched in 2011 by Neil Addley, JudgeService is the UK’s only customer review platform developed exclusively for the car retailing sector. By ensuring all reviews are verified and genuine, JudgeService builds a solid foundation of trust and respect between customers and sellers enabling car retailers to actively manage their online reputations.

JudgeService shares granular insight reports with dealers to help them identify opportunities to improve customer satisfaction levels, with many achieving 100% recommendation scores.

Based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, JudgeService has published over 1 million customer reviews and is used by over 1,000 franchised, independent and car supermarket sites across the UK.

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