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Imperial Cars Portsmouth


Average customer rating: (3.7) from 273 reviews
79.4% of customers would recommend to their friends and family.

Recent Testimonials:

My experience at Imperial Cars Portsmouth was not very good because the customer service after purchasing the car has been awful. I was made to wait over 2 hours when picking up the car. There was then a 'technical fault' with the computers which meant i didn't leave with my new car that day. I had to then return the next day to pick up the car. I was offered £25 fuel as compensation, i argued an managed to get £50 which I still wasnt happy with. My car has since been back to imperial twice because of faulty air conditioning and a horrible banging noise coming from the rear wheel. Getting hold of imperial is always a struggle and they never call back when they say they will. I will never buy a car from imperial again, their service is well below par. Mr Matthews
Imperial Cars Portsmouth were great because the staff and a special mention to Gary were excellent. The non pushy help in selection of cars and the explanation and instruction was beyound reproach. A truely proffessional esthablishment that i have already highly recommended to friends. Mr Long

Perrys of Portsmouth Peugeot


Average customer rating: (4.4) from 523 reviews
95.4% of customers would recommend to their friends and family.

Recent Testimonials:

My experience at Perrys of Portsmouth Peugeot could have been better because I did not receive the car the finance companies that perrys use are rip off merchants and when I got my own finance they didn't let me use it. Complete waste of everyone's time. Mrs Mcguinness
Perrys of Portsmouth Peugeot were great because the service was really good. There were some scratches on the car and they sorted them out no problem for me and have the cars alloy wheels a complete refurbishment. Stuart was great on helping me choose the right car and helping me with the finance package. Stuart was also great in the way that he was not pushy and naggy as I have previously experienced with salesmen. Miss Towler