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Copley Land Rover


Average customer rating: (4.4) from 325 reviews
92.3% of customers would recommend to their friends and family.

Recent Testimonials:

My experience at Copley Land Rover was memorable because prompt service, friendly environment and staff. Miss Susan Colleyshaw
I was happy with the service at Copley Land Rover because the experience was fantastic from start to finish, Bob made the sale so easy and kept me informed all the time " A great pleasure to do business with" I will be recommending your services to all my family and friends. Mr John Collier

Hepworth Honda Halifax


Average customer rating: (4.6) from 144 reviews
99.3% of customers would recommend to their friends and family.

Recent Testimonials:

My experience at Hepworth Honda Halifax could have been better because i still have the interior driver side door trim to be replaced as that has been cracked when i bought the vehicle still waiting for a call back regarding the trim, the service book wasnt stamped but i had to send the book back to be stamped and also they sent me the wheel aluminium nuts which i didnt have, so a mixed service of them Mr Sajid Choudry
I'd recommend Hepworth Honda Halifax to a friend because the salesman (Liam) made the whole process really simple and efficient. I was a little apprehensive about buying from a dealership as I have only ever purchased cars privately. Liam was thoroughly professional and helpful throughout the transaction and not at all pushy. He managed to ensure that the car was ready for delivery in a matter of a couple of days, as he knew I needed it urgently. A smooth purchase and I'm very satisfied with my new car. Thanks Liam & Hepworth! NB - the reason I have put neither satisfied nor dissatisfied with the explanation of finance packages is purely because, although I was offered finance, I was a cash buyer and so didn't wish to waste the salesman's time when I knew that I was not going to take out any finance). His explanation of the Gap insurance & extended warranties I would put as 'completely satisfied' , but I can't go back to change this. Miss A