Perrys Peugeot of Aylesbury

Perrys Peugeot of Aylesbury


Both the staff and cars were of the highest quality, the experience of buying and trying was both enjoyable and informative. The salesman knew the car, he possessed all the relevant information and knowledge and was an absolute delight to talk to. The car and quality of service was far superior to previous car buying experiences and the car has been running as sweet as a nut since its purchase. I'd recommend anybody looking to purchase a car, to look at perrys first and foremost

, 04/08/13

I was happy with the service at Perrys Peugeot of Aylesbury because I now have a lovely new clean car and its going to stay that way!!

, 05/08/13

Perrys Peugeot of Aylesbury were fantastic because Polite,clean site,well displayed,friendly.

, 01/08/13

My experience at Perrys Peugeot of Aylesbury could have been better because i was called in to collect a car when it clearly was not ready and a phonecall could have told me that. I was then told that when i came back to collect it, if the salespaerson was busy with another custome, then i would have to wait! it seemed that once the deal had been done, there was no interest in me as a customer anymore.

, 05/09/13

I was pleased with Perrys Peugeot of Aylesbury and would recommend them because down to earth answers

, 02/09/13

My experience at Perrys Peugeot of Aylesbury was positive because Richard Symes was exceptionally helpful/knowledgeable and reassuring.

, 05/09/13
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