Vertu Honda Grantham

Vertu Honda Grantham

The biggest complaint that we have, and the reason we hope to never set foot in Grantham Honda again, is the handover my wife received from the Finance Director, David. My wife received the car whilst I was at work; if I had been there I would have cancelled the purchase immediately. It still makes me angry thinking about it. David was very patronising and rude, making my wife be on the verge of tears. He made a very patronising remark about me and I wasn't even there. David did not honour the salesman's promise to fill the car up with petrol because 'the car is a used car.' When we were previously taking the car on a test drive, and being sold the car, the opposite attitude was taken to a new car that had been registered to the showroom. David was also reluctant to show my wife the features of the car. As they were going through some of the paperwork, checking things off of a list, David said 'I'll show you that when we get your car.' However, when the car arrived, he handed her the keys and my wife had to ask him to go through the features with her, 'would you like me to do that?' David asked. 'Yes,' said my wife. We also noticed the demeanour of a salesman change when David came to speak to us about finance. It was clear that this salesman (who will remain nameless) was quite intimidated by David, and I understand why. We were told on the Friday that we decided to purchase the car that it would be ready to collect on the Monday. I was told to come in over the weekend to sign the finance paperwork so that we could drive the car away on the Monday. When we arrived on Monday, the car wasn't ready, and we never received a call to that effect. In addition, there was no chance of it every having been made ready as the extras that we ordered were not in stock and would not be in stock for 10 days. Therefore, we were lied to on the preceding Friday, in order for Vertu Honda Grantham to get their sale. My in-laws purchased their first Honda in 1995 in the States (they still use this car) and they are very loyal to Honda, having purchased a brand new 2012 Civic. They were appalled to hear about the customer service their daughter experienced. They were also quite embarrassed because they highly recommended Honda to us, both for quality of product and quality of customer service. We, on the other hand, are hesitant to recommend Honda to our friends and family and will in no way be recommending Grantham Honda to anyone in the future.

, 11/07/14

I would not recommend Vertu Honda Grantham because the after sales at this dealership is very very poor..I have taken 2.5 days off work to have issues addressed, I have been waiting at the dealership for hours and I have never been offered a courtesy car even then my car had been booked in a week I have said very very poor after sales. I will actively discourage family from buying from this dealership!

, 06/09/15

I would not recommend Vertu Honda Grantham because after sales service was terrible. Vehicular was scratched following day. I had to pay them to repair which was not done well. Where he tape had been placed the spray guy had gut it with a blade and cut the paint work. I was disgusted I spoke to the manager before moving the vehicle and he got them to touch it up whilst I was there. It looks like it has been plastered on with a knife. A 6 year old could have done a better job. 150+ for a rubbish job. So no, not likely to recommend or reuse Honda.

, 25/07/15

I'd suggest Vertu Honda Grantham to a friend because the service of the sales person was fantastic no pressure.

, 06/07/14

My experience at Vertu Honda Grantham could have been better because 2 of the guys lied no help at all

, 27/11/16

I'd suggest Vertu Honda Grantham to a friend because I trust them.

, 08/04/14
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