Unbeatablecar Billingshurst

Unbeatablecar Billingshurst

I had a great experience at Unbeatablecar Billingshurst because, they managed to help me in every way possible. The adviced me and help me make the right choice, he was very happy and welcoming, would do recommend to anyone that is thinking off buying a car.

, 09/11/17

I'd suggest Unbeatablecar Billingshurst to a friend because they are friendly and offer good finance service.

, 27/10/17

The experience at Unbeatablecar Billingshurst was disappointing as I felt I had been not given all the true/honest information about the car at purchase & the biggest factor was the car is an ex mobility car. Happy with the purchase though after thorough investigation & quizzing.

, 18/05/17

I'd definitely recommend Unbeatablecar Billingshurst to friends and family because they made it very easy for me to purchase the right car for me & understood my needs. The staff made me feel comfortable as I went in feeling a little nervous (not having much knowledge of cars) but wasn't intimidated, as some other places have made me feel in the past. I left feeling happy & confident in my choice or car. Thank you, friendly people at Crawley.

, 20/12/16