Taggarts Motherwell Land Rover

Taggarts Motherwell Land Rover

I would not recommend Taggarts Motherwell Land Rover because after buying such an expensive car and comparing it to buying many Mercedes, in which the dealerships made it a special occasion and a better experience buying their cars . Buying a Range Rover was a similar experience to buying my daughters Peugeot.

, 20/07/17

I was recommended by a friend who knew both Dom and Robbie who where good at dealing with me and spoke away about day to day life as well as the car which I like as some car salesman can go too far with overloading people with facts about cars that mean nothing but I had everything explained to me that I had to know and I'm loving my new vehicle the only thing as I said every other car I've picked up has been showroom standard and the smell usually lingers for a few weeks but although the car was clean I don't think it had been valeted which was pretty disappointing but I'm happy with the vehicle over all so far and enjoying driving it I have already sent my friend out to you's guys as she was dealing with the Glasgow branch and wasn't very happy so I told her to come out to you guys

, 16/07/17

I'd suggest Taggarts Motherwell Land Rover to a friend because they are the only main dealer in the area

, 14/07/17

I would not recommend Taggarts Motherwell Land Rover because they do not carry out those items that are supposed to be checked as a 'Jaguar Land Rover' approved vehicle. Also they treat customers vehicles with 'disdain' ....

, 13/07/17

The staff were welcoming and the service provided was a excellent.

, 08/07/17

Good choice of quality, well presented, low mileage vehicles. Salesman was attentive and very knowledgeable about the model and brand.

, 07/07/17
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