Stoneacre Durham

Stoneacre Durham

I'd definitely recommend Stoneacre Durham because they provide a good service.

, 18/01/18

Stoneacre Durham staff were good because they are one big happy family and a fantastic team.

, 17/01/18

Everything was fast and easy to understand, they even gave 7 days Insurance so I could take the car the same day.

, 14/01/18

I'd definitely recommend Stoneacre Durham to friends and family because overall my experience with stoneacre was good.

, 13/01/18

I would not recommend Stoneacre Durham because you were not told the interest rate until point of signing, after handing over a two and a half thousand pound deposit, I didnt feel I could back out. An issue with the car was raised within the first week but it couldn't be looked at for two weeks after that. Contact with the manager Mark, promised a call back within half an hour. Had to ring again after an hour as no return call. Tried to cancel credit agreement but made to wait 48 hours and deal with finance company instead. It feels like once they have your money they are not interested. Oh and the service pack is extortionate!

, 12/01/18

Stoneacre Durham were great because Billy was fantastic

, 11/01/18
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