Stoneacre Doncaster Barnby Dun Road

Stoneacre Doncaster Barnby Dun Road

I'd suggest Stoneacre Doncaster Barnby Dun Road to a friend because everything was handled really well, the car was immaculate and I finally got the car of my dreams!

, 11/12/17

The experience at Stoneacre Doncaster Barnby Dun Road was fantastic because my sales man, Richard, made me feel very welcome. He explained everything in great detail and wanted to go the extra mile. Would definitely recommend!!

, 07/12/17

The salesman was very helpful, complete all satisfaction with all aspects.

, 07/12/17

Stoneacre Doncaster Barnby Dun Road were great because when i arrived i had a issue with my monthly payments, after speaking to tim he said he could help to reduce my payments, so i have gone from 700.00 a month to 350.00 a month and that's what i wanted due to the finance issues i have, yes i had negative equaty in my old car, and everything was explained to me, and i was happy to buy the car we have, when you only have so much spare money each month, a big help thank you to the team at doncaster, and for the hot drinks to, thanks again.

, 29/11/17

My experience at Stoneacre Doncaster Barnby Dun Road was positive because, the customer service was awesome I got spoke to absolutely bang on, and I left with something I was very pleased with.

, 26/11/17

My experience at Stoneacre Doncaster Barnby Dun Road could have been better because, sending out a personal letter (not genetic) even though I'd not had the car two years advising that I could put my car in (pick & mix offer) payments would stay the same or reduce, free gift attached to the offer. I telephoned to check the offer out, advised it was legitimate and therefore booked in to see a sales person. Once at the showroom advised I'm in negative equity, obviously, and that any change of car would mean higher payments. I advised I couldn't afford anymore a month from the very first call. Despite all of the checking out, I came away paying more every month, advised no free gift and delayed payment as it wasn't part of the pick & mix offer, I thought I met the criteria nearly new car etc but obviously not. In my opinion these letters shouldn't go out knowing the customer will be in negative equity. Hard sales tactics are not really necessary, this information should be included in the literature, apologies if it is but I didn't see it. After purchase I received multiple calls about GAP insurance despite declining at the time of sales. The car belongs to Mrs Sara Sharpe not Kenneth Sharpe. Salesman Jon was cordial and easy to work with. I would recommend Stoneacre but I would highlight some of the tactics used, positive and negative.

, 21/11/17
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