RRG Peugeot Rochdale

RRG Peugeot Rochdale


I'd recommend RRG Peugeot Rochdale because Johnathon Robinson was very helpfull in every every aspect of the deal..

, 28/07/15

My experience at RRG Peugeot Rochdale could have been better because Originally the deal seemed Ok however when I went to pick the car up salesman said there had been a mistake and terms and conditions had changed .. He said that that the service plan was not included so I ended up paying an additional £471.82 plus I was already in credit for my prevoius service plan of £191 so now I have ended up having to pay £662 for a 3 year service plan which when we originally shook on the deal was supposed to be free. When I said I wasnt happy he said that he would give an extra years warranty on the car giving 2 years warranty , however when I checked the paperwork I only have 1 years warranty which was added at an extra cost of £250. Also he said that the old car was a deposit plus £100 then again when I went to pick it up he siad the deposit was £500 so I eneded up paying another £ 400 . So in total I have paid over £1300 more than I originally expected . I am really disappoited as it the 4th car from there and I this time I have been conned and ripped off rather than being treated with transparency as a "valued" customer . I am also disappointed with myself that I let it happen but feel I was was put under enormous pressure at the point of transfer with all the changes in terms and conditions. It has since caused a great deal of anxiety and stress, again as i was caught out at the eleventh hour when I had alraedy arranged new insurance and cancelled previous direct debits etc . Also as a minor detail , not on a par with the financial implications the cars tyres were all falt particulaly front drivers and initially I was worried as the car was pulling to the right however since I have now put air in the problem seems to be resolved - i hope that this is not a slow punture . Inside there is a cracked mirrior and the dashboard was strreaky and what appeared to be dog hairs were all over the seats . I hacve a "niggle " check in a few weeks so hopw that the mirror at least will be replaced . I feel extremenly disappointed with the whole experience and believe that your sale pople shlould be far more honest when discussing T & C s and not change them dramatically and also ther should really be proper written assurance over warranty terms which I have still not recieved. Overall terrible and traumatic experience and extremely disappointing to be treated with such a lack of respect by your sales team

, 28/07/15

I had a great experience at RRG Peugeot Rochdale because it was an easy process

, 23/07/15

Great experience overall, great salesman not pushy very informative, just a nice experience throughout, first class

, 22/07/15

I'd recommend RRG Peugeot Rochdale to a friend because I received very professional and friendly service from Liane. Including follow up calls to ensure I was happy with my purchase. Excellent service.

, 21/07/15

RRG Peugeot Rochdale were great because very good attention.

, 20/07/15
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