RRG Peugeot Rochdale

RRG Peugeot Rochdale


I'd definitely recommend RRG Peugeot Rochdale to friends and family because the overall customer service was great. No pressure from the Salesmen and everything was explained very clearly

, 05/07/15

friendly, helpful people. No hassle.

, 30/06/15

RRG Peugeot Rochdale were really helpful and I'd recommend them because I got excellent service from a very informative salesman and the deal went like clockwork. May I add that although I said finance was not offered John did mention it but we had told him that we didn't need it. I would use RRG Rochdale again

, 24/06/15

The experience at RRG Peugeot Rochdale was very good. Seems all dealerships seem to have to add a lot of extras, that is frustrating and time consuming. RRG made this as quick as possible and accepted I didn't want anything. The hand over was excellent with a very thorough explanation of all of the controls and buttons (a lot). Thanks, just a pitty Rochdale is over an hour away (but that's my problem)

, 18/06/15

My experience at RRG Peugeot Rochdale was cracking because the sales rep was excellent and ensured all details were covered

, 16/06/15

I'd recommend RRG Peugeot Rochdale to a friend because there are plenty of cars that everyone can choose one and also salespeople are very welcoming, they take a time to explain everything you need to know, handling procedures are exellent..

, 16/06/15
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