Perrys Peugeot of Aylesbury

Perrys Peugeot of Aylesbury


The experience at Perrys Peugeot of Aylesbury was great because I have bought cars previously from this dealer and found them very helpful

, 10/02/15

My experience at Perrys Peugeot of Aylesbury was memorable because we had great experience working with Daniel, he was extremely helpful in providing all the necessary information and we were treated with the upmost respect. I should say the manager was fantastic as well as the finance guy.

, 07/02/15

Perrys Peugeot of Aylesbury were great because my transaction was sensible sales were informative had a good product knowledge and had the vehicle I wanted at a price that I was happy with.

, 05/02/15

I'd recommend Perrys Peugeot of Aylesbury to anyone because the customer care was excellent

, 05/02/15

Perrys Peugeot of Aylesbury were great because the service was fantastic, very happy with my car

, 03/02/15

From Bob Duke - husband of Mrs Duke and purchaser - I would not recommend Perrys Peugeot of Aylesbury because although I did everything I could to make it possible for the price to be reduced (no service required, would take finance to provide a commission charge, even though finance was not needed, no trade in) these were ignored. Dave (the sales representative) even went through the old, tired (and well known) routine of going off to 'consult with my manager' before coming back several minutes later to complete the deal, with no incentives being made available. At the end of this sale, I should have been feeling that Perrys should be the automatic choice when I come to replace our other car. Instead, I'll look around, with this experience firmly at the front of my mind. Even a discount of the VEL cost would have changed the complexion of the deal. Also, I now have a car whose service record is out of step with its registration date - not life-threatening, but totally unnecessary. Why 'service' a car that is less than 12 months old and with under 2k miles on the clock? And if it was serviced, why were the tyre pressures not in accordance with Peugeot's specification? We got the car we wanted, but the experience could have been better.

, 02/02/15
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