Perrys Huddersfield Mazda

Perrys Huddersfield Mazda


I'd recommend Perrys Huddersfield Mazda to anyone because even though we had issues and reservations they did all they could to rectify the problems

, 08/08/14

Perrys Huddersfield Mazda were great because they found my rare dream car and within two weeks everything was sorted a fast and friendly service not the dealership monsters some would expect :-)

, 07/08/14

The experience at Perrys Huddersfield Mazda was good because there were no pushy salespeople and the service we received was helpful and friendly.

, 07/08/14

Perrys Huddersfield Mazda were fantastic because the salesman did everything I asked. Had a problem with delivery dates, but was placated with a beautiful bouquet of flowers to say sorry for inconvenience. Will use them again.

, 21/07/14

I would not recommend Perrys Huddersfield Mazda because the car was not finished to a good standerd for hand over tail pipes to the exhaust are crome and wher black i did coment on this the week befor i got them clean / green algae dowen both sides of the panel that fites bhind the roof and in front of the boot this was cleansd away by me very easley for a person that valets cars all day every day to get them redye for sale i think it was very poor and was expecting more / the quesshon on would i recommed perres hudasfiled needs more opshons because a yes or no ancer in not right as mine is not the car i shaw in auto trader tuct me 9 months to find as i was looking for a sport tec i hade missed a fue it is fairer to say that andy the salse man was very good but i did mack it to easey for him and he was first classfrom start to finish and i would buy from him agane the lack of atenchen to detail is what let you dowen but i am a person that looks after his cars and cleaned the mx5 the day after a good 6 houres to start to get it up to some thing like it will tack some time to get the polish that it needs to realy mack it shine on a bases of 10 overall it think an 8 is fare

, 05/07/14

My experience at Perrys Huddersfield Mazda was positive because the quality of the used car was excellent. Perry's also serviced the car for free as well as touch up the scratches and the scuffs. I felt as if I had bought a brand new car since it looked as good as it can both inside and out. Highly recommended

, 03/07/14
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