Perrys Huddersfield Mazda

Perrys Huddersfield Mazda


My experience at Perrys Huddersfield Mazda could have been better because the way the new car was presented was poor: the car wasn't cleaned properly , did not have any mats and had a mechanical fault. No Instruction on how to use the car's features. Could learn a lot by visiting Infiniti to see how they do a handover.

, 27/08/15

My experience at Perrys Huddersfield Mazda has be bad because I never received any of the paperwork I signed up for the PCP agreement ( all I got was one sheet with a illustration on, not full details of the agreement as one would expect, I was told it would be sent to me in the post and as of today 14th August 2015 I still do not have a copy of all the documents I signed I was not able to look over the paperwork in the cooling of period, I was not told about the cooling of period and when asked later about this no one including the Neil the Business manager could give me a straight answer (or did not want to) Shame full practice!. I feel this was completely under handed. I asked over 5 times on separate occasions and was told that it would be sent in the post!!!!!!!!! Also I was told I had free break down cover on the Vehicle the details and telephone numbers would arrive in the Post!!! still no sign. So over all no I would not recommend to a friend or family member. I have put a formal complaint in to Mazda. Please feel very free to use this testimonial on the website I am sure you wont get any sales from it... And yes I am rather cross as this is wasting my precious time and I feel I have been rather miss led.

, 15/08/15

Perrys Huddersfield Mazda were great because they offered a first class service all round

, 14/08/15

Perrys Huddersfield Mazda were really helpful and I'd recommend them because in over 50 years of buying cars this has been my best experience

, 11/08/15

I was happy with the service at Perrys Huddersfield Mazda because (but it is very early days after purchase) No real dissatisfaction yet! I hope for a much better experience than my recent ex-dealer provided!

, 20/07/15

The experience at Perrys Huddersfield Mazda was fantastic because the staff were very friendly. The only problem was the car was not a citreon c4 piccasso estate. It is a citreon c4 diesel automatic car.

, 08/07/15
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