Perrys Huddersfield Mazda

Perrys Huddersfield Mazda


I was happy with the service at Perrys Huddersfield Mazda because (but it is very early days after purchase) No real dissatisfaction yet! I hope for a much better experience than my recent ex-dealer provided!

, 20/07/15

The experience at Perrys Huddersfield Mazda was fantastic because the staff were very friendly. The only problem was the car was not a citreon c4 piccasso estate. It is a citreon c4 diesel automatic car.

, 08/07/15

My experience at Perrys Huddersfield Mazda could have been better because; 1. You put 200 miles on the car between my test drive and collecting the car 2. You agreed to service the car and did not stamp the service book (It has been checked by a mechanic who saw 'no evidence' of a service being carried out) 3. You did not answer repeated emails about the above 4. You lied about the "full service history" in the original advert (I still have a copy) 5. You were ignorant enough to email me a link to this survey and marketing emails rather than respond. 6. You did all this after I explained to you about my previous experiences buying a car 7. I pointed out a mistake in YOUR paperwork that would have benefited me by £500 I am buying a Jaguar XF as my main car and would have been back to Perrys Huddersfield to do so if any effort had been made to resolve the above. You behave in exactly the same way as a fly by night back street garage. On a phone call that you answered you said you had replied to my email which was a lie and told me to 'just pop the service book in the post' to get it stamped, would you seriously trust a company to return it after that?

, 08/07/15

I was pleased with Perrys Huddersfield Mazda and would recommend them because I had excellent service from them. It was all done over the phone but I don't think this lessened my experience. Brought the car to me for initial inspection and test drive. First rate service!

, 15/06/15

Because the price of the cars are competitively priced as are the finance packages. Everything was explained and extra insurance options were offered without being pushed.

, 11/06/15

I'd recommend Perrys Huddersfield Mazda to a friend because the salesman was very honest

, 08/06/15
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