Perrys High Wycombe Ford

Perrys High Wycombe Ford


Perrys High Wycombe Ford were helpful because the sales executive(s) who dealt with us went above and beyond. We had quite specific requirements and were able to fulfill them perfectly within the time frame we had. We received great service and careful explanation of all the paperwork that needed to be completed, plus helpful extras in the final deal. We even had the use of a courtesy car when the delivery was delayed beyond the promised date. Thanks Perrys. What a bunch of stars you are!

, 26/08/15

Perrys High Wycombe Ford were great because I got an extremely good value deal on the car I bought. Have a slight problem in that the Stop Start feature has not worked since I got it. Has been in for the battery to be charged to see if that was the problem, still not working. However, I spoke to the new Service Manager yesterday and he explained it may be that the car has not got up to temperature as I do short runs. Will give it a long run on the motorway and if still not working, he said to book it in for a couple of days and they will give me a loan car. So am very satisfied with Perry's attitude. Would say though that the Stop Start feature which is for city driving is a bit of a useless gimmick I think if it does not actually click in on short journeys!!

, 19/08/15

Service was good not pushy. Friendly people.

, 18/08/15

The customer service I received from Damian Carruthers and his line manager from Perrys High Wycombe Ford was offensive. There were three main issue that occurred during the purchase that has led myself to be very dissatisfied with the customer service that was given. 1 – Having paid a £250 deposit to secure the car, the car was then put back on sale on the forecourt at a higher price. The “sold” sign that was previously put on the car had been removed in order to resell it. 2 – When I arrived to collect the car, there was no record of my deposit that had been paid and consequently I was asked to repay it. Fortunately I had my receipt and was able to prove that this deposit had previously been paid. 3 – After completing the purchase, Damian went back to the car to change the mileage on the documentation. Having been adverted as 6233, he then added over 700 miles – an increase of the mileage by over 10%. It was clear to me that he did this with full knowledge that the true mileage was higher than that it was advertised. On questioning this he was dismissive and rude to both myself and my mother. The extra half a tank of petrol offered did not compensate for how I felt about the transaction. There is much to learn for the way I was treated and I wouldn’t consider buying another car from Perrys High Wycombe and subsequently I am not recommending Perrys to friends, family or colleagues. In addition, my mother and father who both dealt separately with Damian are not considering Perrys for their next purchase despite currently looking to purchase a new car each.

, 17/08/15

I'd recommend Perrys High Wycombe Ford because the staff are very friendly and helpful

, 16/08/15

Perrys High Wycombe Ford were really helpful and I'd recommend them because they impressed me with the whole experience. They were very helpful.

, 15/08/15
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