Perrys Canterbury Vauxhall

Perrys Canterbury Vauxhall

I'd endorse Perrys Canterbury Vauxhall because the local staff did a great job getting another branch vehicle delivered, shame it was a bit rougher than expected (lots of bodywork scratches to the roof and stonechips on the bonnet). Very nice car despite this, hope it's good mechanically.

, 16/07/17

I'd recommend Perrys Canterbury Vauxhall to anyone because every thing was handled in a very competent and proficient manner.

, 10/07/17

Perrys Canterbury Vauxhall were great because they have been very helpful

, 08/07/17

My experience at Perrys Canterbury Vauxhall was memorable because it was a better experience than broadstairs. Car was nice although when you state you don't want to spend more than 'x' amount they are quite persistent on trying to sell you another product. Only grip I had was a comment by Rep that old car smelled of baby sick. Call me a proud denensive parent of a 12 mo old but I found that to be rude and an inappropriate thing to say. NB: my baby has never been sick in the car - the smell was a vanilla Yankee candle!!

, 07/07/17

I had a great experience at Perrys Canterbury Vauxhall! Totally professional and made me feel at ease buying my new car! Thanks to Ollie especially.

, 13/06/17

The experience at Perrys Canterbury Vauxhall was good because they was helpful! Without being pushing the things I did not want

, 11/06/17
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