Pentagon Lincoln Vauxhall

Pentagon Lincoln Vauxhall

My experience at Pentagon Lincoln Vauxhall could have been better because the attitude of the buisness manager was appalling. The sales man even though he was nice they added stuff to our contract without even telling ua they never gave us any paperwork.with quptes on about the car. The gentleman that did the handover for the car actually wasnt a salesman he was the photographer for pentagon. He was very nice and even apologised that the handover wasnt how it should have been but his manners and attitude were impeccable.When the car arrive it had marks, scraches and dents which was not on the car when we looked at it which pentagon are meant to be arranging for it all to be repaired. Unfortuntley I wont be recommending them to anyone.

, 25/07/17

Pentagon Lincoln Vauxhall staff were good because they knew all about the cars they were dealing with and gave good honest advice.

, 25/07/17

Pentagon Lincoln Vauxhall staff were good because the young man I dealt with was polite at all times, and whilst he tried to sell me add ons as you would expect, he was not pushy. All together a pleasant way to spend a lot of money!

, 22/07/17

The experience at Pentagon Lincoln Vauxhall was great because, so easy with Reece's help and guidance, thank you!

, 21/07/17

Pentagon Lincoln Vauxhall were really helpful and I'd recommend them because they were very helpful and got me the car i wanted for a decent price

, 18/07/17

The experience at Pentagon Lincoln Vauxhall was fantastic because we saw the car on website the salesman took us for test drive explained everything about the vehicle ,because we where going on holiday he organised everything so it was easy to transfer our cherished no.plate and I think that is why he hasn't rang us because he knew we where away.everything handled professionally

, 14/07/17
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