Pentagon Derby

Pentagon Derby

You should tell your customers if the vehicle is an import and also make sure the V5 document states that the model of the car you sell is the same model on the document.

, 18/06/12

My experience at Pentagon Derby could have been better because when they brought my used car in from Sheffield which was paid £6500 cash for, they kept it for a week to give it a full mechanical check over. After driving it for a month with brake noise (which I was told was due to car standing) I decided to book car in and to my horror i was driving with corroded and worn out brake discs on a 2 year old car!! It does not give me any confidence in pentagon derby as there is a lot of laziness involved, I have to say my 10 year corsa is in better condition than this, I was not offered a courtesy car even though there was plenty in carpark, overall I'm very disappointed with my experience and perhaps done better on autotrader.

, 11/02/14

I wouldn't recommend Pentagon Derby because Car was dirty, my car back tyres are out of shape in my eyes dangerouse to be on the road,boot switch not working, told them about it and was told it was sold as seen and it was a cheap car £6700 not cheap

, 09/09/13

I would not recommend Pentagon Derby because I have been fobbed off left right and centre. I acsepted the car in its current condition under the agreement that in two weeks the half an A4 page worth of repairs etc would be rectified, it was taken in for the repairs in the second week only to sit in pentagons forcourt for a further two weeks until i received a phone call to collect it and to my surprise the agreed repairs had still not been completed. I am still chasing round the dealership a month from receiving the car being told that the manager a gentalman called Ian will ring me back . . . . . . i have now been told that someone will ring me back for the last week and still nothing

, 24/02/12

My experience at Pentagon Derby could have been better because if we'd been treated fairly and not done out of a lot of money we are in our seventies and they took advantage of this and the manager well He was a waste of time but lesson learnt

, 20/10/17

My experience at Pentagon Derby could have been better because it took 27 days from paying deposit to actually collecting car!! After 4 attempts to "hand over" the car it is still not right. Lost all confidence in garage to get my vehicle right. Kept being told buy your staff it "was" a used car, felt belittled and not valued as a customer.

, 20/08/14
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