Lookers Motherwell Nissan

Lookers Motherwell Nissan

My experience at Lookers Motherwell Nissan was efficient , pleasant and completed in a short period of time to allow me get to the ferry and export the car.There was no hitches during the purchase process and completing the paperwork was quick and easy with everything prepared in advance. The staff were friendly and very professional in their approach and overall a seamless experience.

, 14/09/17

I had a great experience at Lookers Motherwell Nissan because the service and information was good.

, 04/09/17

The experience at Lookers Motherwell Nissan was great because of the friendly atmosphere .

, 02/09/17

The staff at Lookers Motherwell Nissan were good because they were extremely friendly (Robert Telford) hassle free attitude and non intimidating. He explained all packages clearly and showed us all the operating systems for the vehicle.

, 01/09/17

Jim knew I was in a rush and answered all my questions quickly.

, 30/08/17

Lookers Motherwell Nissan were great because of friendliness and good relationships with there customers

, 29/08/17
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