Lookers Motherwell Nissan

Lookers Motherwell Nissan

Good experience from start to finish, no pressure to buy friendly staff on site.

, 22/05/17

The experience at Lookers Motherwell Nissan was fantastic because it was a hastle free transaction with no heavy pressure

, 20/05/17

I'd recommend Lookers Motherwell Nissan to anyone because they are so friendly and very helpful

, 20/05/17

I'd suggest Lookers Motherwell Nissan to a friend because price attitude not harassed by sales staff

, 12/05/17

The staff at Lookers Motherwell Nissan were good because they did more to help you in anyway they can.

, 11/05/17

I was happy with the service at Lookers Motherwell Nissan because it was a pleasure to be able to browse around and not be shadowed by a salesman . People get fed up with pressure from salesmen to buy and just like to take their time and look and if they like something they will buy it and at Lookers I felt comfortable just browsing till we saw the car we bought . We then asked the salesman if we could look inside and start it. Kenny the salesman was very polite certainly not pushy and made it a very nice experience and as a result we bought the car.

, 10/05/17
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