Lookers Cardiff Peugeot

Lookers Cardiff Peugeot


The experience at Lookers Cardiff Peugeot was good because of the genuine and professional handling of things by a particular sales man no pressure I like him.

, 13/10/14

The staff at Lookers Cardiff Peugeot were good because they handled everything perfect and my sales guy garath Finney was a great help getting the car ready for me for a time that suited me great experience a d lovely car

, 07/10/14

I would recommend Lookers Cardiff Peugeot to friends and family because very friendly and effecient

, 07/10/14

My experience at Lookers Cardiff Peugeot could have been better because The vehicle that I purchased was not ready. I was told that it would go in the workshop for a service this did not happen or if it did there was no stamp in the service book and no invoice to prove the service had been done. I informed the salesman that I would come on the Wednesday to collect the car, he told me that it would be very tight to have it ready as it needed an MOT and SERVICE. So I came on the Thursday Morning, only to find that nothing had been done. I placed a £100 deposit via debit card, which was acceptable, had it not I would have paid more. I had to wait, whilst the car was MOT'd on the Thursday, and clearly the Service promised had not been done. Also the car had not been washed off, so I drove away with a Dirty Car, do you call this good service ? I certainly don't, although I am a Motor Trader, I should have been treated like any other customer, I paid for the car as agreed and left quite dissatisfied. Although the car had been serviced earlier in the year, it is not the point if a serviced was offered, yet never happened. I did point out to the salesman that I would not be paying for the car in full until I had seen it, I was not even offered a test drive when I arrived, was only shown the vehicle and told it had not been MOT'd as arranged, personally I think he had completely forgot to do anything, and the 1st thing he told me when I met him, was that the money had not be transferred, I guess because of this he assumed that he would wait to see if I was going to turn up and take delivery. so really what went wrong ? This was my 1st experience with Lookers, and I do not regard the experience very well, so I wouldn't recommend your company to anyone if this is how you treat your customers. I have been in the Motor Trade for over 27 years, so I know what service is all about. Although I did not ask for any discount all I got was £20 worth of diesel, I was purchasing the vehicle on behalf of someone, who has now decided that they do not want it, but that is my problem to deal with. I would appreciate your feedback on what I have written.

, 28/09/14

My experience at Lookers Cardiff Peugeot was cracking because of the friendly , helpful staff. They made every effort to help in a smooth sale and collection of the vehicle.

, 21/09/14

salesman did,nt know about the car i bought, salesmen lying, my biggest mistake going to that showroom,,,had the car for 3 weeks far to long only good thing came out of it was i got a full refund eventually,,,,also went to another lookers in bristol, the best service i have had nothing was to much for the staff , so thank you to bristol lookers as for the question below how likely would i recomend the cardiff branch most certainly i would,nt

, 15/09/14
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