Lookers Cardiff Peugeot

Lookers Cardiff Peugeot


I was pleased with Lookers Cardiff Peugeot and would recommend them because excellent service and priced cars which the rcz was exactly as described by sales person

, 27/06/15

I was happy with the service at Lookers Cardiff Peugeot because everybody was really helpful and explained everything fully.

, 23/06/15

The experience at Lookers Cardiff Peugeot was fantastic because it was friendly, quick, easy and efficient service without any pressure. The detail that went into buying the car allowed me to feel satisfied that everything was good and very straight forward.

, 16/06/15

Lookers Cardiff Peugeot staff were good because of friendliness and efficiency.

, 10/06/15

My experience at Lookers Cardiff Peugeot could have been better because we had a huge issue with the license plate. Being told we could have the car and then being told 10mins later that we would have to wait another 10 days was unacceptable. The situation was resolved by the dealer and the manager but not without upset to my girlfriend. Your admin is shocking, you made mistakes with the insurance documents and we still have not heard back from you about the license plates. We are currently on your insurance but I have had to contact you to extend it as you seem to be oblivious of the dates we are covered during the transition period of the license plates. This is a serious admin oversight on behalf of your company. We are happy with the car, it is perfect for our needs - your dealer salesperson Paul Barry is a nice guy, he has done all he can to make us happier - but the admin side of your company leaves a lot to be desired. I know we are on your insurance until 20 June 2015 but I have no confidence that you will call me about the license registration before then and I know I will have to call you back. This lack of trust in your admin, the slapdash approach you seem to purvey and your complete indifference to getting it sorted with any real priority is the reason I would not recommend you to family or friends. Like buying a house, buying a car is a big expense and it is meant to be a happy and joyful experience - you have sucked any joy out of it and left the experience feeling like a shriveled plum - Nice one Lookers....Well Done..!

, 10/06/15

My experience at Lookers Cardiff Peugeot was memorable because the salesman was very helpful not pushy and the car is amazing.

, 09/06/15
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