Lookers Cardiff Peugeot

Lookers Cardiff Peugeot


Lookers Cardiff Peugeot were great because I have recently returned from France after living there for 14 years. I needed a large car to tow my caravan. and I wanted an automatic the 508 EGC was perfect for my requirements.

, 28/07/14

I would not recommend Lookers Cardiff Peugeot because of the confusion and Inaccuracy of some of the information given to me regarding service intervals and accessories costs, information on both aspects was very inaccurate.

, 27/07/14

Lookers Cardiff Peugeot staff were good because of A friendly attitude a thorough explanation of all that was involved in the purchase of a car and a very good after care service.

, 21/07/14

Lookers Cardiff Peugeot staff were good because of availability of the brand

, 17/07/14

I'd suggest Lookers Cardiff Peugeot to a friend because I feel they offer a good service which is value for money and I don't have to worry about the things that go wrong with the car (not that anything does go wrong). They offer a full package of care and after care and the staff are always so polite.

, 17/07/14

The experience at Lookers Cardiff Peugeot was fantastic because All staff involved in my purchase were extremely helpful and professional, in particular Mr Matthew French. As there were a number of quality issues with the vehicle Matthew assisted me greatly in having them repaired / replaced. To be fair, I think the fact that the Blower Motor only working on max setting should have been picked up prior to release to the sales department, which would not have then added to their work-load bringing my car back in for repair (x2).

, 16/07/14
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