Lookers Cardiff Peugeot

Lookers Cardiff Peugeot


The experience at Lookers Cardiff Peugeot was good because they had the car I wanted and the salesman was very helpful

, 20/05/15

I'd recommend Lookers Cardiff Peugeot to anyone because they were very helpful.

, 17/05/15

I'd recommend Lookers Cardiff Peugeot because when we ran in to trouble with a previous car we had purchased they were fantastic in sorting things out. Really happy with the service and team there. Very friendly.

, 15/05/15

My experience at Lookers Cardiff Peugeot was memorable because the salesperson was knowledgeable, professional and curious, informed of me my choices and ensured the car was ready for collection within a satisfactory timescale.

, 12/05/15

I would not recommend Lookers Cardiff Peugeot because my car was crashed by the delivery driver. I then had to wait a month to get my car. I had to chase constantly to even get it back after a month. I am still chasing as I would like compensation for the fact I had no car for a month, for which I was paying finance, insurance, tax - and I had a horse trailer (£8500 pounds worth) sat at the dealers waiting for me - also costing me money.

, 12/05/15

Lookers Cardiff Peugeot were great because Gareth was very helpful in advising on the right car for me to purchase and because I was travelling to Cardiff to buy the car he even collected me from the Station. The Lookers website and call centre was excellent - coming back to me late in the evening and giving me more details. Great overall customer experience.

, 07/05/15
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