Lookers Blackpool Volkswagen

Lookers Blackpool Volkswagen


I was pleased with Lookers Blackpool Volkswagen and would recommend them because everyone was very friendly, efficient and professional, just love my new Polo.

, 31/07/15

My experience at Lookers Blackpool Volkswagen could have been better because interior of car that was supposed to be valeted had oily handprints on upholstery in two different places.

, 27/07/15

I'd suggest Lookers Blackpool Volkswagen to a friend because The salesman was first class,Gordon Lee,brilliant guy>I was a touch tired and he made me comfortable,got me a coffee and a we had a chat and he was very relaxed which made me feel at ease talking with him,after all i was a touch nervous parting with so much of my hard earned money!!ALSO i was a touch early,so he sped things up a touch for me.I also met the guy in the garage who was preparing my car for me,he was very polite and assuring. I have ALREADY recommended to a friend Lookers VW in Lancs.

, 25/07/15

The experience at Lookers Blackpool Volkswagen was fantastic because excellent sales person named Gordon Bell. Very informative, not pushy at all - very relaxed. Would definitely recommend Lookers to friends and relatives.

, 20/07/15

I would not recommend Lookers Blackpool Volkswagen because I was led to believe that the vehicle I purchased would be in pristine condition, this was not the case when I came to pick the vehicle up there was a white over spray over it,we came to a agreement that I would bring the car back to be put right and hence only half of the job got done.plus a personal was took out of the car no one seems to know where it went so trust as gone

, 13/07/15

The experience at Lookers Blackpool Volkswagen was great because they offer a vw standard of service

, 13/07/15
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