Central Car Clearance

Central Car Clearance

The experience at Central Car Clearance was good because Rowland was brilliant and we had great customer service. The office was professional and the atmosphere was good. We would recommend central car clearance to everyone.

, 18/08/17

Central Car Clearance staff were good because all good

, 15/08/17

My experience at Central Car Clearance could have been better because : I saw the car I wanted whilst driving past on the Friday evening. I visited the next day and the showroom was closed at 16.30pm even though it was supposed to be open until 17.00pm. I then returned on the Sunday and stood around for half an hour before I could get to see a salesperson. I was given the keys to view the car even though it was on a ramp so I had to climb up the ramp to get into the car to view it, and I was never offered a test drive. I had read the cars spec on the website and there were lots of key features not displayed so I suspected that the advert was incorrect. I knew the car and spec I was looking for and had to research this one myself to discover that it was the one I was looking for. I felt I had to 'buy' the car rather than it being 'sold' to me. The price first discussed was significantly higher than the screen price displayed and I had to take the salesperson to the car to prove this before it was agreed to sell me the car at the screen price. I also felt I had to sell my trade in car rather than it being bought off me. I was offered the lowest possible price with no negotiation despite the fact that I knew the trade price should and could have been higher. I only did the deal because the car was exactly what I had been after for a while. On the way home I popped into a different dealership with my partner and they 'sold' her a car and they 'bought' her trade in on the same day. The comparison between the two experiences could not have been further apart. The salesperson approached us and said to give him a 'shout' if there was anything we would like to know and then left us to browse. We then asked him a questions about a vehicle that my partner liked and she was given the full vehicle spec - followed by a test drive. She was offered her a great price for her trade in and he reduced the monthly repayments from the screen price displayed. She then collected her new car within 24hrs - I had to wait 1 week to collect mine and the only contact I have had since was 2 separate phone calls to ask me where the log book was for the trade in as it was supposedly 'not' in the car. (it was actually in the glovebox and I have since had an apology). I am totally satisfied with my vehicle but only because it was the one I wanted. The rest of the experience was very poor to say the least.

, 14/08/17

I'd endorse Central Car Clearance because very frindley and i like the sales person not pushy just very good at his job did what he said it was all done no fuss and on time

, 13/08/17

Central Car Clearance were helpful because I like Kia cars

, 12/08/17

My experience at Central Car Clearance was cracking because there was no high pressure sales and everything was carried out in a professional manner.

, 12/08/17