Arthurs of Oswestry

Arthurs of Oswestry

My experience at Arthurs of Oswestry could have been better because the sold me an 11 grand car with major paintwork issues. The service light was still on and they could not get it off and the car had no tyre repair kit. I had to get my own foam for the kit as after a month they have still not got any!! I would not recommend these cowboys ever. More like a back Street garage rather than a main dealer. Disgusting service

, 26/02/17

This dealership is very poor, they never get back to you when parts have been received and it takes months for a simple fault to be repaired. Lost warranty, took many months to get it reinstated. O/s mirror not working, refused to replace as existing mirror was not a Vauxhall part, but this came with car sold by Arthurs. They after months agreed to change it. Passenger heated seat not working, took months to repair and when into garage 4 times. Driver heated seat repair in garage three times, avining parts for fourth visit. Power driven hatch door repair two visits Repair of coolant leaking, car takes to garage by AA, fast repair, car back next day.

, 05/06/17
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I would not recommend Arthurs of Oswestry because no petrol as promised and paid for, no phone calls as promised, on arrival of car not told as promised

, 20/10/16

My experience at Arthurs of Oswestry could have been better because the car was late arriving but the salesman would not return any of my calls to explain why. Very poor communication after order taken and no contact since taking delivery.

, 21/04/17

I found the car that I wanted but was dissatisfied with the agreed repairs that had not been completed on collection of the care. A near side rear alloy had not been refurbished as agreed. We had to recommend to the dealer that a wheel from another vehicle be put onto my car as I was not prepared to take the car without the alloy having been repaired. the mecahnic who swapped the wheel was helpful but I have had to take the car to Dudley Vauxhall as the whole tyre/wheel computer systen had to be reset.

, 07/06/16

Very helpful in every way very plesant, on time on every appointment. Only dissatisfied was car had done 1000, miles than quoted.

, 16/11/16
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